Naughty Cakes / Chocolates Naughty Cakes / Chocolates 106520028 Boob Cake This was for a birthday surprise. Vanilla cake with vanilla pudding filling as requested. 105607476 Bite Size Mr. Dick's Chocolate Mr. Dick's for that fun at any bridal shower. 131028927 Happy Dirty 30 Birthday Red Velvet 1/4 slab cake (9" x 13") filled with strawberry buttercream. Photo is a 5"x7" photo (mac tac both sides) framed with pink buttercream and those nasty chocolate ????? yum yum real good. 142081932 Speedo Man Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling, covered in fondant . 167841432 Purple Bikini Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling. Decorated with buttercream icing. 170715291 Boobie Cake Pops Vanilla cake pops dipped in chocolate. 197511077 Little Willy 205380642 Mister D Sugar Cookies for a Bachelorette Party. 204072441 Naughty Cookies 205051559 Mr. Peter Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream icing. 201377090 204493777 204493778 Speedo Man A small lemon cake in the shape of a Man. 204196108 Fun For The Man Mocha cake 204196109 Mr. Peter Penis Cupcake cake. 204456890