Gluten/Dairy Free/Egg Free Gluten/Dairy Free/Egg Free Banana Cupcakes Gluten/dairy/egg free banana cupcakes with dairy free buttercream icing. 188229871 Christmas Cupcakes Vanilla Gluten/dairy free cupcakes with dairy free buttercream icing and decorated with fondant Christmas decorations. 188230434 Party Mix All ingredients are gluten/dairy free. Ingredients are: apple chips, marshmallows, almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dried cranberries, choc. chips, pretzels, rice chex, rice krispies and potatoe puffs. This mix can be adusted to included any dried fruit of choice and to eliminate the nuts. 188229939 Gluten Free Cupcakes Gluten free cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing. 199487648 Happy 13th A small 4" one layer gluten free cake with vanilla buttercream icing and fondant decorations. 199487649 Minion Egg/Dairy Free Cake A small egg/dairy free cake with dairy free icing and of course Minions and bananas. 189086540 Airplanes Gluten/ Dairy and Egg free 1/4 slab cake with dairy free buttercream filling and icing. Fondant decoration and 2 toy planes for a man who loves airplanes. 199076158 Smash Cake A 4" smash cake the is vegan/dairy/egg/nut free 205245269 Cake Pops Egg free chocolate and vanilla cake pops decorated for the Confirmation celebration. 201495408 Gluten/Dairy Free Cupcakes 204160292