Creative Cones Creative Cones Creative Cones This is a grouping of the many varities of our tasty Creative Cones we make. Each Creative Cone has a tag containing very easy to follow instuructions for baking or cooking that item. Because these items are so easy to make, they make a great gift for all you family and friends. 105237801 Delicious 5 Bean & Barley Soup This is are most popular Creative Cone item. Easy to make and delicious. Contains spices at the bottom of the cone and then orange lentals, barley, green split peas, blackeye beans, romana beans and yellow split peas. Tag has easy to follow cooking instructions. 114769773 Delicious Chicken Pasta Soup Mix with Crackers This is a very easy soup to make. Spices are at the bottom of the cone and then the pasta. Crackers added to package. Easy to follow instructions on the tag. 114890882 Oatmeal Cookie Mix Water is all you need to add to all our Oatmeal Cookie Mixes. Here is a list of the Oatmeal Cookie mixes you can choose from. Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Walnut & Raisin, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, and Oatmeal Cranberry. So easy to bake your children can help. 114769772 Party Snack Mix We have two Party Snack Mixes to choose from. Party Snack with nuts and a Nut Free Party Snack Mix. Easy instructions: just pour into a bowl and enjoy. 114769776 Chocolate Rocky Road Treat How easy this treat is to make. Melt the chocolate, add the rest of the package and then spoon onto a cookie sheet to cool. Eat and enjoy. Contents: chocolate chips, marshmallows, raisins, walnuts and coconut. 114890881 Yummy Open Faced S'Mores What fun it is to make these S'mores. The children will love to help and then eat the delicious results. Easy to follow instructions on the tag. 114769778 Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and Cookies Easy to follow instructions for making a single cup of hot chocolate. Enjoy with the chocolate chip cookies 114890883 Single Serve and Hot Chocolate for Two These small cones are great for stocking stuffers, party gifts, place setting gifts etc. The small single serve is for one and the Hot Chocolate for Two is for sharing with a friend. 114892719 Candy Cones We have several Candy Cones to choose from. Shown is the Halloween Candy Cone filled with Halloween Candies. We also have Christmas, Easter, Valentines that would be filled with candies for that occasion. 114771178 All Wrapped Up Cones These Creative Cones (Cookie, Smore's, Rocky Road) come as a complete gift with either a wooden spoon or spatula. The pot holder and festive ribbon make it pretty to give as a hostess gift, teacher gift or for anyone special on your list. 114769771 All Wrapped Up Party Time These Party Snack With Nuts or Nut Free are nested in a serving dish complete with a festive napkin and all tied up with a pretty ribbon. 114771180 All Wrapped Up Cookies These Cookie Cones come wrapped with a pot holder, wooden spoon and a pretty ribbon. Great gifts for the Bakery you know. 114771182 All Wrapped Up Rice Dishes These Herb Rice Dishes (chicken, beef, vegetable) come all wrapped up with a tea towel, chop sticks and a pretty ribbon. Easy to follow directions for that perfect rice dish. 114771181